I started writing this screensaver in the Summer of 99, when I had big ideas for it.  Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that it was getting bigger and bigger, and slower and slower the more I added to it.  Being a master of perseverance, I therefore more or less abandoned it.  However, a couple of people have since asked me about a Noggin screensaver, and as I did put quite a lot of time and effort into the project, I thought I might as well upload an early, quite basic version that doesn't seem to run too slowly (on my 450MHz Pentium II - I don't know how much difference processor speed will make).  So, download and (hopefully) enjoy, but remember it was never meant to be the finished article, though I would welcome any comments you might have on it.

Noggin and the Flying Boat

Click here to download the screensaver Noggin and the Flying Boat Screensaver v1.0 (Windows Zip File - 1.09MB)

If you have any problems installing the screensaver, drop me a line.