The Musical Score

A lot of people have fond memories of the music that accompanied the tales of Noggin.  Vernon Elliott's music for the adventures remains popular today; elements of it even form set musical exam pieces.  As such, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting hold of the score.

Northlands Suite

The "Northlands Suite" consists of 4 parts, each of which you can download a midi rendition of.  The following describes each part, in the words of the publishers:

Noggin the Nog Suite

No. 1 - Land of Ice

This piece is built on three themes; first there is the music which is played as an introduction or signature tune for each television episode of the Noggin TV films.  The music is a description of the icy wastes which are the scene of much of the action taking place in the stories.  Then follows the lullaby which is sung in honour of the Ice Dragon and it finishes with a snatch of the Song of the Nogs as they row their long boat across the ocean.

No. 2 - Eastern Dance

Noggin and a small group of followers visit the Land of Silver Sands in the Flying Machine in order to meet the ruler of this desert domain.  To avoid detection, they are forced to disguise themselves, though not very convincingly, as dancing girls in the local Harem.

No. 3 - March of the Kind Giants

The kind Giants, during the hours of daylight, are large stones buried in the ground, but, as darkness descends, they come to life and march about doing all sorts of nice things and trying to help people.  At daybreak they once more assume the shape of stones and sink into the earth.

No. 4 - Sky-Flights

This piece represents the flight of large friendly birds who, when Noggin's ship is in danger, come to the rescue and lift it to safety.  There is also a central theme depicting the Flying Machine as is soars up into the air carrying the Nogs to distant places over the mountains.

Score details

1984 (Paterson's Publications) ISBN 0-85360-398-7