Site History

19th March 2002. Started to wade through the site to try and bring it up to date with regard to all the stuff that's been happening over the last 18 months or so with The Dragons' Friendly Society.

14th March 2002. To make up for the lack of recent updates, I've added some video to the Downloads page - though please take the time to read about it, as you'll probably need to download some software first.  I've also got rid of the counter I was using at the bottom of the "Contents" bar on the left and replaced it with my own that hopefully fits in better with the theme of the site.  I've also got rid of some of the adverts that had crept into the bottom of the bar, which had just been counters when I first incorporated them.

14th March 2002. Well, it's been a long time!  As some of you know, last year was thrown into turmoil when our first child decided to come into the world some three months early, and spent the next five months living in various hospitals up and down the country.  Anyway, Phoebe is now very well (and very loud) - thanks to all of you who sent your support and best wishes.  Now I've got the little one to entertain, I'm afraid the updates to this site might not be quite as regular as they used to be, but they certainly shouldn't be 14 months apart again!

14th January 2001. As well as a bit of cosmetic tweaking over the last few weeks, finally added five photographs from the Noggin the Nog and the Firecake stage production.  Also added a few more links.

10th October 2000. Added pictures of the bone china tableware produced by Cosmo Place Studio.

1st October 2000. Added details of the postcards available from The Dragons' Friendly Society, and the bone china tableware produced by Cosmo Place Studio.  Also added this Thor Nogson image to the site to highlight all the new merchandise you can spend your money on at long last. "What do you mean you don't take plastic?"

29th September 2000. Updated the site to reflect the release of the new video and the re-release of "Nogmania" by The Dragons' Friendly Society on 30th September.  Also added a FAQ page where you can ask me those pressing Noggin questions, and a quiz where you can test your own Noggin knowledge.  As if that's not enough, I've finally had time to include the stuff Michael Crookes kindly sent me regarding the stage production of "The Firecake", including a copy of the programme and two badges that were produced for the event.  Phew!

18th June 2000. Sorry, not much added, just a new link to a Mary, Mungo and Midge site.  My excuse is that I get married in less than 2 weeks, so free time is pretty scarce at the moment!

16th April 2000. Just to prove I've not been idle these last few months, I've uploaded a lot more information about Vernon Elliott's music, including details of the "Northlands Suite" musical score and 3 midis, with one more to come when I finish it.  I've also given details of Oliver Postgate's forthcoming autobiography "Seeing Things", due to be published on 9th June, which you can order via this site at a 20% discount .

8th January 2000. Finally uploaded the screensaver that I created last year.  It's sort of an abandoned project though, so read what it says about it first.

7th January 2000. Bowing to popular demand, set about creating a biographies page.  There's only a bit about Vernon Elliott, the composer of the Noggin the Nog music at the moment, but I've started to compile a bit about Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin for later publication.  Also included information for wargamers about "Hordes of the Things" army lists and campaigns.  (Don't worry, it means nothing to me either.)

5th January 2000. As well as the existing URLs, you can now access Northlands at

23rd October 1999. Apart from a new link, nothing really added to the site (though there will be soon); but I had to re-install FrontPage, which messed up some of my hyperlinks.  I think things should be alright now, so if you come across any broken links, please let me know.

6th September 1999. Added a web analysis tool to the site that'll give me no end of useless information about who visits the site.  Only trouble is it means I have to have a small button at the bottom of each page, and I hate anything like that (though it's not quite as bad as a banner advert).  I suppose I'll have to see if I can get used to it.

4th September 1999. I've had quite a bit of new material and information come my way recently, so I've managed to complete the details of the Noggin postage stamps and I've also uploaded some details, including the a copy of the cover of a Noggin record.

28th August 1999. Added the story of The Pie and a couple of new links.

1st August 1999. Not that you'd notice, but I tweaked some of the "behind the scenes" stuff.  You'll have to take my word for it.

23rd July 1999. Moved the entire site to its new improved URL -

8th June 1999. Completed the set of book covers in the Books section and the Tales page.

19th May 1999. Added a bit of information on where to look for memorabilia.

15th April 1999. Finally added the story summary of The Island.

4th April 1999. Added a couple of new links.

28th March 1999. It took a bit longer than expected, but the story summaries for The Firecake, Noggin the King and Nogbad and the Elephants are now in place.  The Island will be coming soon.

23rd January 1999. Added some new pictures of book covers to: The Ice Dragon, The Firecake, The Island, Noggin the King and Nogbad and the Elephants.  The stories themselves will be appearing as soon as I have time to summarise them.

4th January 1999. Happy New Year!  Took down the Site's Christmas decorations and returned it to its pre-festive state.

21st December 1998. Gave the title and welcome page a festive touch.  Also removed the "Subscribe" active channel option, as no-one seems to use these things after all.  You can still get informed when significant site updates occur by sending me an e-mail or filling in a feedback form.

25th October 1998. Added a downloads page, with some desktop wallpaper and a compilation of music samples.

24th October 1998. You'll now find a bit more information about the two Nog stage productions and, courtesy of Oliver Postgate, an extract from "Nogmania".

12th October 1998. Oliver Postgate has very kindly gone through the stuff on the site, and provided me with a few minor corrections and filled in a few blanks, which I've now uploaded.  He's also provided me with some significant new information, which I'm afraid as I'm going to be away with work for the next week or so, you'll have to wait for.  Watch this space!

11th October 1998. Sorry about the break - I've been playing with my Lego MindStorms.  Next stop, world domination with my fleet of plastic robots (as long as the batteries don't run out).

12th September 1998. Included some information about "Pippin" annuals, and a complete story, verbatim with illustration, from the 1968 annual.  Added a "Submit a Link" form to the Links page.

11th September 1998. Added a rather battered video cover of "Beebtots".

26th August 1998. Managed to get listed on the Yahoo! search engine listings at last.

21st August 1998. Rather daringly added some JavaScript to the site, so if you view the site using a browser other than IE4 and in a resolution other then 800x600, you'll get a message.  I hope.  Also added some other little JavaScript bits here and there, but nothing of any great interest.  Oh yes, added this page as well!

19th August 1998. Started trying to teach myself JavaScript in an effort to keep you all entertained (though hopefully not by all my errors).

18th August 1998. Finally managed to get Northlands to appear on most of the larger search engines, apart from Yahoo! which seems to be a law unto itself.

15th August 1998. Added an Active Channel to the contents.  I've no idea if these things work though, so if anyone out there actually uses it, do let me know.

10th August 1998. Added the story transcript of "Noggin and the Moon Mouse".

7th August 1998. Added the video cover of "The Omruds/The Firecake".

4th August 1998. Added details of pictures of the board games.

2nd August 1998. Added the video cover of "Tales of the Northlands".

27th July 1998. Added several book covers and story transcripts.

25th July 1998. Revamped the title bar to include Nogbad's Crows and the animated characters.

20th July 1998. Added music to most of the main pages.

1st July 1998. Re-wrote the site from the ground up, including all Noggin the Nog material that I had.

May 1997 - June 1998. Like a sleeping giant, Northlands lies dormant, owing to me having no practical (i.e. affordable) access to the internet.

1st April 1997. Uploaded Northlands to the WWW.  The date is of no significance, by the way.

9th February 1997. Seeing some of the excellent children's TV program sites on the web, felt inspired to share my childhood memories of Noggin the Nog with the rest of the world.  Set about designing and building this site, following a little encouragement and advice from a number of the creators of these other sites.